Future geoscience - the value of multidisciplinary approach and geoscience innovation

Theme: Geoscience Innovation

David Khoza is a geophysicist with vast experience in minerals exploration, mining and geoscience research. After completing his tertiary studies, David joined the minerals exploration division of BHP Billiton conducting geophysical surveys primarily in Africa. He returned to academia to complete his PhD degree that was focussed on understanding the tectonic evolution of the southern African lithosphere using magnetotelluric data. He joined the Technical Solutions Department of Anglo American and supported several business units in mining, green and brownfield exploration and their research efforts. At SPECTREM AIR, another Anglo American company, he primarily focussed on airborne data processing, modelling, interpretation and research.

David holds a BSc (Geology and Physics), BSc Honours (Geophysics) and a PhD (Geophysics) from the University of the Witwatersrand, specialising in EM methods. He is currently the Executive Manager: Applied Geoscience at the Council for Geoscience.