Geoscience in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Theme: Geoscience Innovation

Dr Jeanine Engelbrecht holds over 13 years of experience in satellite remote sensing data analysis. She graduated with a PhD from the University of Cape Town and has obtained a BSc Hons in Geology and an MSc in GIS for analysis and decision making through the University of Stellenbosch. The PhD research focussed on the development of techniques to monitor small-scale surface instabilities caused by underground mining and natural geological hazards. The research resulted in the creation of a deformation monitoring system, dubbed Azimuth, which provides early warning of deformation hazards. Her role as Principal Researcher at the CSIR involves the exploitation of radar technologies for a variety of applications including the use of polarimetric data for soil moisture quantification, polarimetric analysis for the characterisation of vegetation biophysical properties as well as the use of differential interferometry and polarimetric interferometry for deformation hazard assessments.

Prior to her appointment at the CSIR, she was employed at the CGS, where her duties involved the research and development of remote sensing techniques for application in the geoscience field. This involved the analysis of a wide range of remote sensing and spatial datasets including optical, multispectral, hyperspectral and SAR data.