The Council for Geoscience (CGS) will soon host its third conference, this time under the theme “Merging maps for an emerging future”.

The CGS has established the framework for an ambitious and integrated programme to collect multidisciplinary geoscience information across South Africa. The mandate of the CGS is inscribed in its founding legislation, as amended. A key aspect of the mandate is the need for an integrated multidisciplinary geoscience mapping approach and its application towards finding applied geological solutions to issues concerning the people of South Africa. The conference will provide insight into this ambitious and integrated work programme and will cover other scientific issues that are of national importance.

Some pre- and post-conference excursions/workshops are planned, dealing with global stratigraphic events and aspects of marine geology. Confirmation and further details will be posted on this website in due course. Any parties/persons who will be prepared to lead a geological activity of specific or general interest in association with the conference are invited to offer their services.

This conference will include key presentations from local and international experts, researchers, young scientists and decision makers. Invited speakers and presenters will address the following subthemes:

  • geoscience for minerals and energy
  • geoscience for infrastructure and land use
  • geoscience for health, groundwater and the environment
  • geoscience innovation
  • geoscience diplomacy.

Click here to download the conference programme.

CGS 2019_ Annual Conference 2019_ Programme_ 11-01-2019_ v1