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An earthquake occurred on the 28th January, 2018, at 18:03 South African Standard Time, on the Indian Rift at 53.10°S and 9.49°E approximately 2200 km southwest of Cape Town, with a moment magnitude of Mw~6.5. This event was located and analysed by partner networks in the Indian Ocean Tsunami warning System, e.g., Geofon Potsdam, Germany.

The mechanism of the earthquake is interpreted as strike slip hence, also considering the moderate magnitude and distance to the South African coast, the probability of a tsunami at South Africa is deemed insignificant. There have since been two more earthquakes (possibly aftershocks) that have been reported to have occurred in the same area in the past 11-12 hours. The two earthquakes could be linked to this one and also caused by the same mechanism. The locations of these earthquakes (as indicated above) are still to be reviewed by a seismologist.

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