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Laboratory Services

Established in 1897 the Coucil for Geoscience Laboratory continues to develop and grow. Our facility offers world-class analytical and consultative services in primary solid sample preparation, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, ceramics, coal, petrophysics, environmental as well as specialised research in applied mineralogy, coal, environmental, petrology and geochemistry.

We constantly strive towards effective administration, professionalism and good customer relations. We encourage skills development in alignment with the capacity, performance and expertise of our laboratory services.

The laboratory offers analytical and research services to meet the most exacting requirements of our clients. Our services are of superior quality and comply with national and international standards. Analyses and asessments are done on rocks, soils, minerals, water and industrial and waste materials to determine various qualitative and quantitative aspects of mineralogy, petrology, physical chemistry and ceramic science. The availability of a range of instrumentation enables our analysts to employ multidisciplinary approaches in solving problems and assisting our clients in the evaluation of their data.

The services offered by our laboratory include:

Laboratory Techniques

Our facility offers analytical and research techniques that are aligned with international methods or designed to meet client needs. Our products are of superior quality and comply with national and international standards. The availability of a range of instruments and techniques enables our scientists and technical staff to employ multi-disciplinary approaches to solve problems and to assist clients in the evaluation of their data. The facility has the following dedicated competencies:

1.Sample preparation

Fig 1. Jaw crusher.

A fully equipped sample preparation facility which plays a vital role in providing our analysts with compositionally representative subsamples of rocks, soils and ores, sediments and any other solid sample type mainly of geologic origin submitted by our clients. A series of specialized instruments, including jaw crushers, rotary splitters and mills are available to fracture, reduce and pulverize samples to a homogeneous powder with a particle size of up to less than 75 microns.

Fig 2. Rotary Splitters.

Techniques used in the laboratory to determine the chemical composition of solid materials require finely powdered samples as a starting material. Extensive care is thus taken to minimize the contamination of samples by using a dust extraction system and by meticulously cleaning the equipment. Specialized mills are also available for the pulverizing of small or non-standard samples.

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