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Shared Services

We offer the following under Shared Services


Information and Collections Management

  • The South African National Geoscience Library
  • A major African geoscience map collection
  • A collection of unpublished reports and prospecting borehole logs
  • A publication and map shop
  • The SAGEOLIT national geoscience bibliographic database
  • A publishing section
  • The National Core Library, containing a large collection of borehole cores and cuttings from South African geological strata
  • Gem, mineral and rock collections in the Geoscience Museum which offers educational facilities to scholars, tourists and the public
  • The palaeontology collection (fossils)

Spatial Data Management

  • Standard or customised GIS products and data sets
  • Cartographic production of maps as part of the CGS standard map series, as well as customised products for clients
  • Managing the GEODE corporate database, which is used to store and manage spatially referenced geoscientific data. GEODE has a modular structure consisting of a borehole database (prospecting borehole logs), a coal borehole database, SAMINDABA (localities and attributes of mineral commodities), ENGEODE (engineering-geological data), and GEODE/GIS (geological, geophysical, geotechnical, geochemical and metallogenic spatial data)