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Minerals Development

The Mineral and Energy Resources function of the Council for Geoscience aims to stimulate the minerals industry in order to increase exploration expenditure as a means of creating wealth for South Africa and the African continent. This stimulation will be achieved through the provision of precompetitive geoscience information that supports and facilitates onshore and offshore energy and mineral exploration in South Africa. The information and data form the basis for long-term investment by industry and society in the mineral and energy sectors to ensure stable employment and prosperity, as well as to guide government policies on minerals development. This is achieved through integrated programmes of data gathering and assessment conducted at a national and a regional scale.

The Council for Geoscience undertakes activities of national strategic importance that support government programmes such as the NDP 2030 (Economy and Employment, Economic Infrastructure, Inclusive Rural Economy focus areas), the New Growth Path and the Integrated Resource Plan, which seek to eradicate poverty, to promote the creation of employment, energy security, diversification of the economy, including the promotion of the green economy, and to promote growth by identifying six priority sectors focussed on infrastructure and rebuilding the productive sectors of the economy, including mining.