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The CGS has donated geological maps and their explanations to the University of the Witwatersrand to the value of R141 000. Professor Gillian Drennan (Dean of Faculty) and Professor Roger Gibson (head of school) accepted the map donations on behalf of the School of Geoscience at the University of the Witwatersrand.

In light of the Integrated and Multidisciplinary Mapping Programme, the CGS seeks to foster partnerships with institutions of higher education. One of the ways this is being done is by assisting through the provision of the geoscience information and knowledge presented in various products including maps. The maps and their explanations have been useful for the broad South African public, including universities and they will assist in the educational training and development of candidate geoscientists who may soon be in a position to positively contribute, directly or indirectly to the CGS mapping programme.


Figure X: Handover of the geological maps from the CGS to the School of Geoscience at the University of the Witwatersrand. (From left to right); Ms Refilwe Shelembe, Ms Mahlatse Mononela, Prof. Roger Gibson, Prof. Gillian Drennan, Dr Taufeeq Dhansay, Ms Magda Roos and Ms Estelle Van Tonder – picture taken by Ms Rethabile Makwela.

The CGS has also donated maps to the university of Stellenbosch (value of R11 000). It also plans to assist other institutions of higher learning in South Africa in the same manner.

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