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The Council for Geoscience (CGS) has today officially launched its survey boat known as the R/V (Research Vessel) Nkosi. The boat was acquired to augment the CGS’ marine geoscience programme which aims to map the South African continental shelf in the highest resolution based on modern technology, at various depth scales. The R/V Nkosi enables for mapping up to a distance of 28 km offshore and/or a depth of 100 m, within the limits of the equipment mounted on-board.

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The Kingdom of Eswatini recognises the importance of geoscience in economic development and it is for this purpose that the investment has been made in the collection of high resolution geophysical data that will initially cover the north-western sector of the country. The Geological Survey Department (GSD) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy of Eswatini, in collaboration with the Council for Geoscience (CGS) of South Africa, has commissioned the survey that will aim to map mineral potential and ground water resources among other things.

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The Council for Geoscience (CGS) has learnt with sadness of the recent passing of Professor Morris Viljoen. Professor Viljoen had a successful career spanning over 60 years both as an academic and as a geologist working in the mining industry. He and his twin brother Professor Richard Viljoen are renowned for their extensive mapping of the Barbeton Greenstone Belt in Mpumalanga and their immense contribution to the geoscience field.

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